Jungle Deals & Steals is run by Mandi Ehman, the founder & publisher of Life Your Way, and her mom, Terry Newsome. Like any mother and daughter, this duo has their share of differences about the way they view the world, but one thing they agree on is that saving money should be easy. Neither likes to coupon, shop the sale cycles or wait patiently for the best deal. But they both enjoy finding a great deal at Amazon.com!

During the Christmas season of 2010, they spent months searching out the best deals on Amazon and fell in love with it. As the number of grocery and household items offered by the site has grown — a far cry from when the site launched as an online bookstore in 1995 — they’ve found themselves buying more and more through this online shopping portal. These days you can find great prices on everything from baby toys to natural supplements at a competitive price, and that makes it appealing for anyone with a busy lifestyle who wants to save money

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