Amazon Cloud

amazon cloud player and cloud drive

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive is a personal storage drive located in the cloud and stored in Amazon’s datacenters. Use it to store your music collection and any other digital documents securely. Amazon is currently offering 5 GB free when you sign up!

They’re monthly pricing for larger accounts is also extremely competitive, outpricing Dropbox and Mozy pretty significantly.

Sign up for your FREE account today, even if you’re not sure whether you’ll use it, in case the offer doesn’t last!

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Player allows you to listen to your music collection from anywhere with an internet connection. That’s right — you can access your entire music collection through your internet browser using this music player. Pretty cool!

You’ll need a Cloud Drive account to store your music, but you can store a pretty good amount of music in the free 5 GB plan, and any future purchases you make through the Amazon MP3 store will be stored in your Cloud Drive for free, without counting against your storage quota Even better, when you purchase an MP3 album, you’ll be upgraded to 20 GB of space!

Give the Cloud Player a test drive today!