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Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program is a great way to ensure that you don’t run out of the products you buy the most while also saving you an extra 5-20% on your purchase!

Benefits of Subscribe & Save:

  • Save 5-20% off already low prices.
  • Have the products you purchase often delivered to you every 1, 2, 3 or 6 months so that you never run out.
  • Skip a shipment or cancel a subscription any time before the product ships. There’s no obligation or fee!

Calculate Your Savings:

When you have 1-4 subscription orders arriving in one month, you’ll receive the standard 5% off (still a good deal, especially on higher-priced products or things already on sale!).

If you have 5 or more subscription orders arriving in one month, you’ll save 15% off instead.

Members of Amazon Prime with Amazon Mom who place 5 or more subscription orders in a month save 20% off each item.

**Note: Diapers and wipes count toward your 5 items, but they are only eligible for 5% savings unless you’re also an Amazon Mom member.

Cancel a Subscription:

If you decide that you don’t want to receive discounted products on an automatic schedule, you can cancel your subscription at any time:

  • Open
  • Go to Your Account.
  • Click on Manage Subscribe & Save Items.
  • You’ll see a list of Current Subscriptions.
  • Look for the button at the bottom of each one that says Cancel This Subscription.
  • You can also change the delivery schedule, skip a delivery or send an extra delivery from this page.


  • Each customer has been given their own monthly shipment date (which you can edit if you prefer a different date) and all Subscribe & Save orders are sent on that date to allow Amazon to consolidate fulfillment and shipping costs.
  • Using the Subscribe & Save option does not secure the price of the item for future orders. You will be charged the price of the product, minus any Subscribe & Save discounts, on the date your order is placed. For your first month, this means the day you create the subscription and place your first order. In subsequent months, the price may vary, but you’ll receive an email confirming the price you’ll pay that month with the option to cancel the order before it ships.
  • Unfortunately, you’re no longer able to request an extra shipment when you run out of a specific item or when the price drops again.

See all items eligible for Subscribe & Save here.

Read through Amazon’s official terms here.

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